Porsche brings CarPlay and Android Auto to more older models

Old-school driving with 2023 connectivity

Good news for Porsche owners with a 987 911, early 987 Boxster and Cayman, and first-gen Cayenne models. Porsche Classic has introduced replacement radio/cd-player units which adds a new 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and DAB+ radio.

It’s the perfect upgrade for those who want an old-school drive but want to still enjoy some modern perks like up-to-date maps, streaming music and easy hands-free-use of your phone.

Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus 997, 987, Cayenne
Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus 997, 987, Cayenne

In 2020 Porsche Classic for introduced this retrofit for early classic 911 owners, and this now brings this to a much wider range of vehicles. It’s not common for car manufacturers to keep production of new parts going, let alone new parts with new features that keep original look.

“There is huge demand for contemporary networking of our timeless classics. And soon after the successful launch of the infotainment systems for retrofitting, we received corresponding queries from owners of early 911 generation 997,” says Ulrike Lutz, Director of Porsche Classic. “This is why we’re now significantly extending our range of Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus devices for retrofitting.”

Unlike typical third-party stereo/radio upgrades, it’s not just about the screen and bringing smartphone compatibility. As this is a first-party accessory, it will also natively work with the rest of the vehicle. The integrated trip computer will be able to provide useful driving data, plus the ability to have personal settings for the car saved.

The existing amplifier, speakers or antenna can be used as before, with no upgraded needed to those components.

Depending on the exact options on your vehicle, the memory functions can be used for the lights, the windscreen wipers, the climate control and also locking.

Models that will support the PCCM Plus retrofit:

  • MY2005 – MY2008 997 911 models
  • MY2005 – MY2008 987 Cayman and Boxster models
  • MY2003 – MY2008 first-generation Cayenne models

Models that previously had the retrofit available:

  • First-Generation – 993 911 models
  • 996 911 models
  • 986 Boxster models
  • Use in earlier front – and mid-engine models is also possible

Porsche Classic says the new PCCM Plus devices will cost EUR 1,520.37 (approx. $2381.96 AUD) plus installation if you choose to not do it yourself. We’ve reached out to Porsche for Australian pricing and availability and will update the article once we find out.

EDIT: Porsche got back to us and advise that the Australian RRP is $2900.85 inc. GST.

You can read the Porsche Newsroom announcement here.

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