The Dubai Police Department has just added a Lamborghini Aventador Police Car to their garage for high-speed car chases or just parking in expensive hotels to show off.

Lamborghini Aventador Police Car

Previously, the Italian Police had the honours of having the coolest police cars with two Lamborghini Gallardo Police Cars for emergency situations. This Lamborghini Aventador has a slick white-and-green colour scheme and other cool bits and pieces which would make it a tough car to get away from in a chase.

Think about it, you’re best bet to our run this would be in a Bugatti Veyron.

The Dubai Police Department explained that in addition to the enhanced patrolling abilities it will be able to illustrate the cities class. According to Police reports, 15% of all traffic infringements in Dubai are speeding related where the speed is higher than 210km/h. A speed which in Australia, our police cars couldn’t even think of reaching.

Lamborghini Aventador Police Car

The car is already on the roads and if you’re travelling to Dubai and spot this special police car, make sure you send us through some pics!

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