Steve Wozniak is best known for being the co-founder of Apple and essentially creating modern computing. What he might not be so well known for is his cars and his excitement about the technology in them.

I caught up with Steve when he was in Sydney recently and whilst the discussion about the early Apple days was on the agenda, I wanted to talk about cars especially at a Cars Website. The reason why I wanted to talk about cars is simply because he has one of the most diverse garages I have ever seen.

Currently in the garage there is a Toyota Prius, Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, Hummer H1, Tesla Model S and finally a Mercedes-Benz S550. So what 5 things didn’t you know about Steve Wozniak and his cars?

Number 1: His most valuable car and useful car is his Prius

Woz on Wheels: 5 things you didn’t know about Steve Wozniak and his cars

Yes he owns a Hummer H1 which is a behemoth and owns one of the most expensive Mercedes-Benz, but for Woz, he values the Prius simply because of how reliable the car is and that he can transport the two Segways he and his wife own!

Number 2: Woz has street raced his Hummer and won…sort of

Hummers aren’t the fastest cars in the world, but they sure are big and pack some awesome power under the hood. Whilst stopped at a set of lights, at midnight, an owner of a much faster car challenged Steve to a drag race.

Steve played along and prepared to put the pedal to the metal, but little did the owner of the car know that a friend of his in Steve’s second Hummer was a little further back down the road and he had been slowly building speed.

As soon as the lights hit green, the second Hummer exploded past and well…the rest is history.

Number 3: Elon Musk called Woz out on cancelling his Tesla order

Before buying the Mercedes-Benz S550, Woz had ordered a Tesla Model S after months of going over brochures, checking out the charging stations and seeking approval to buy it from his wife. One week out from taking delivery, he ended up taking up an offer he couldn’t refuse on an S550.

As a result, he cancelled his Tesla order (which he was able to thanks to California law). Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, found out and gave Woz a call and exchanged some words along the lines of ‘you’re not a real Silicon Valley boy buying a gas guzzler!’

However, Woz regards the S550 as the better car technically. He’s a huge fan of all the safety features which the Tesla doesn’t have (yet) including the night vision camera, side bolstering seats and more.

Number 4: Woz lives on the edge with his Tesla

Woz on Wheels: 5 things you didn’t know about Steve Wozniak and his cars

Source: Facebook

So, after purchasing the Mercedes Woz did eventually end up ordering and taking delivery of a Tesla. He shared that he just enjoys the car so much and its totally different approach for how a car should be.

Woz says if he can travel from his home via car to his destination within a day, he’ll opt to drive every time. However, with the Tesla you can’t quite make it all the way on one full charge. So not only does he make plans to travel with charging in mind, but he finds himself either driving down to the last mile or even further than the range says is available just to make it to the destination.

He did say that despite taking longer to reach destinations in the Tesla, he enjoys the stops, meeting other Tesla owners and spending more time in towns that he normally would never have spent much time at all visiting in the past.

Number 5: The Hummer will be the last to go

Woz on Wheels: 5 things you didn’t know about Steve Wozniak and his cars

Source: GeekCulture

If, for some reason, Woz had to part with his cars the Hummer would be the last one to go. Why? Woz shared that this is just because of the story and memories associated to his Hummers. Whether it was the one time he reversed over the top of a car, or the pranks he has played on family and friends which involved them.

If you haven’t realised by now, Woz is the type of guy who we are all probably jealous of right now. Who could own such a fleet of cars including a Hummer H1, Toyota Prius and a Tesla Model S and still have incredible stories for each one?

Of course just like myself, the last car that would be sold is the one with the most emotional attachment and for Woz, it’s his Hummer. So, deep down, he’s a car guy just like us.


A big thanks to Mercedes-Benz Australia who made their stunning 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S500 available at short notice for Steve’s visit. If you’d like to read our review on it, you can read it here.

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