In Geneva this year, that most British of car makers, Bentley, unveiled the EXP 9 F Concept. This is Bentley’s first but long rumoured foray into the Toorak Tractor market and proves that, in the eyes of Daily Auto Fix staffers at least, there really is no accounting for taste and beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

This is Bentley’s attempt to get into a market that it is just too late for. The styling, while flaunting unmistakeable Bentley details, has the silhouette of every other Landcruiser and Range Rover currently tooling around town.

The interior, while sporting the usual luxurious and very British touches which will no doubt to appeal to wives of soccer players and those mums with more money than sense, is just not special enough to be worthy of flying the Bentley flag.

Bentley has also decided to play it predictable with the inclusion of the 6.0-litre W12 that is currently doing service in the very svelte Continental GT Coupe. Interestingly, it is possible that Bentley may also fit the brand new V8 into the car, augmented by an electric motor and battery pack, turning this behemoth into the worlds largest, ugliest and least efficient hybrid.

There are no apparent plans to put this giant into production nor is there any news on if/when the car might hit local roads but rest assured Daily Auto Fix will bring you the latest on this vehicle as more news comes to light (and as soon as our eyes have healed and our stomachs settled)

Dear Bentley, please quickly and quietly whisk your latest model off the show floor and replace it with something befitting your illustrious badge!

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  1. Paul Young

    I thought Bentley wasn`t into ME TOO SUVs.