As you should have heard already, Nissan is entering the V8 Supercar Championship next year with their Altima V8. The car itself has been kept under wraps but will be unveiled on October 30 live via YouTube.

Whilst we can always report on the car after the launch, it’s much better that you get your chance to watch the press event yourself! Nissan are calling it a historic moment for V8 Supercars which has been a Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore competition for the past two decades.

In addition to the live unveiling Nissan will also host a Google+ Hangout with driver and team racing director Todd Kelly. This hangout will give fans an in-depth explanation of the Altima race car as well as offer the chance to ask questions about the car.

You can catch the unveiling at 10:30am AEDST on Tuesday 30th October and the Google+ Hangout at 5:00pm AEDST in the evening following the live event earlier. We’ll be trying to bring you a direct link of the live unveiling here but if that fails you can of course catch it here:

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