Brand New McLaren F1

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A brand new McLaren F1 built in 1996…but with no miles on it..has come up for sale. That’s right, despite the yellow car pictured above originally being sold in that same year, this McLaren F1’s odometer is as new! It’s Japanese owner hasn’t apparently even been tempted to take it for a late night McDonald’s run over the years!

This pristine example of what was the world’s fastest car model; and which is still arguably the most iconic and respected car, is ready to be snapped up by one fortunate collector or enthusiast. We don’t know who should really buy this car out of the two though?

What would have to be the McLaren F1 with the lowest amount of mileage ever, appeared on a Japanese site describing it’s state and desirability as having been in an ‘unwrapped’ manner since being imported into Japan in 1996…meaning it has been for all of it’s life almost the way a new car is received by a dealership when they first come in.

The Japanese article, which we translated to English, is a little difficult to decipher in it’s entirety but we’ll put the link here  if you want to take a look for yourselves.

So, if you were in the market for this unique purchase, what would you do? Would you acquire it and keep the car with no miles on it or try do to the car justice and drive it like any McLaren should be driven? Or you may be in the market for something else, for example an electric car like you can find in Top9Rated.

Update: We found more pictures of the car and put them into the gallery below. Enjoy!
Update: Thanks to a reader of ours who follows McLaren F1’s quite closely has updated us with information on this particular car. As with any car which is delivered. Delivery miles/km’s are unavoidable and in the case of any McLaren F1 they’re tested quite extensively prior to delivery. The story is still correct however in the fact that this hadn’t done a ‘McDonald’s run’ with the car being stored in a temperature controlled environment after delivery and never being registered. So this particular McLaren F1 would be one of, if not the lowest mile/km McLaren F1 currently known.

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16 Responses

  1. Peloton25

    The story of zero miles is simply not factual. In actuality the car has somewhere in the range of 300 kms on the odometer, not zero.

    All F1s were given an extensive shakedown run once their build was complete of somewhere in the range of 100 miles. Additionally, each time an F1 is serviced by a factory technician the car is also driven as part of a health check on all systems. While it is true that the original owner has chosen to keep the car in an unused state all these years the claim of zero miles on the odometer for any F1 is simply false and using that as a headline is very misleading.

    In the future please put more time and effort into the research of your stories as this one has gone viral (something you must be proud of) yet the accurate information (which is available in the public domain or by contacting the selling dealer directly) has not reached the many thousands of people who have happened to see it. This car is well known among the people who look after the histories of the McLaren F1 and has been for a decade or so. Its recent addition to the inventory at ArtSports was news over six weeks ago. A little extra time spent tracking down the facts here would have been immensely beneficial.

  2. SangheiliSpecOp

    Beautiful. But it is over-priced (even for an F1) and has miles on it. But than again you can’t over-price an F1…

    • Ashley

      You’re right. Apologies about that (seriously).

      If I remember correctly you mentioned about there being miles on it. We’ve tried getting in contact with ArtSports about the listing but to no success yet. Did you have a link to it showing even just delivery miles on it? If so I’ll update the post.

      Saying that, it’s still listed as a new car which in turn means it hasn’t been driven except for unavoidable miles/kms to deliver the car.

    • Collectiboard

      According to you, it is chassis #060 and has about 187 miles (or 300 km) on it. Just out of curiosity, how do you keep track of all this information? 🙂

      • Peloton25

        More than a dozen years of passion for these cars and contacts all over the world have helped to compile the most complete picture of the history of nearly all the McLaren F1s. I am not alone in this quest and certainly couldn’t have done it on my own so I am grateful to all who have and continue to help. This particular F1 surfaced for the first time just over 10 years ago and its story has been common knowledge among those who care for quite a while.

  3. Who Wants A McLaren F1 With Delivery Miles On It? | 0-60 Magazine

    […] And how much should you expect to pay for this beauty? Well, the original listing appears to be offline at the moment (we’re guessing it crashed due to too much traffic), but F1s tend to go for multimillion-dollar price tags these days—so one in really good condition, like this, will probably fetch at least $3-4 million. Hey, nostalgia ain’t cheap. [via Daily Auto Fix] […]

  4. Kimberly Wimmer

    Was this sold? I have a buyer if not…..Thanks, Kim