Volvo will be joining the V8 Supercars from the 2014 Championship onwards. Officially they are the first luxury brand to join V8 Supercars with a factory team. We do have Mercedes-Benz cars racing, but that is thanks to Erebus Motorsport working directly with the AMG Customer Sports division.

With a history of being successful in Australian Motorsport in the past including a win at Bathurst, 15 years ago, it almost seemed like it would be only a matter of time until Volvo was back racing in Australia.

James Warburton, CEO, V8 Supercars has high hopes for the V8 Supercars and it seems the Car of the Future program is making the dream of making V8 Supercars have more international appeal possible.

Volvo V8 Supercars

“It is my vision to build V8 Supercars into one of the strongest brands in the world with the partners to match. This is the level of untapped potential I believe this sport has.”

Volvo Car Australia, Polestar and Garry Rogers Motorsport are partnering to bring a V8 S60 V8 Supercar to the grid next year.

Since the introduction of the Car of the Future program, we’ve seen Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and now Volvo join Holden and Ford. The question now moves to who will be next? We’ve already seen concept designs for what a BMW 5 Series V8 Supercar could look like, and could Mercedes-Benz Australia decide to enter a factory team? There also seems to be growing cries from fans for Toyota and Chrysler to join in.

It would be a best case scenario to see all or some of those other manufacturers enter, and it might be a return to the exciting touring car days which those of who are old enough to have enjoyed, return.

Who would you like to see join V8 Supercars or who are you most excited to see go head to head next season?

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