When the 6-Series from BMW made a return to showroom floors in 2003 after 14years of absence it made quite a wave through the media and car forums. Some loved the return of the big 6er’s whilst others weren’t so sure on the ‘Bangle Bum’.

This time around the reviews have been awesome all around and now with the M6 joining the line-up as the chart topper things just got hectic. The M6 Coupe’ and Convertible has landed on Australian shores and really is a great way to end M Division’s 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Powered by a V8 M TwinPower Turbo with mated to a M Double Clutch Transmission the M6 isn’t a slouch for its size reaching 100km/h from standstill in just 4.2seconds (4.3 for the convertible). BMW Group Australia Managing Director, Phil Horton said:

“The ballistic acceleration and enthralling dynamics of the M6 are straight out of the M textbook yet the technology at work in these cars is truly ground-breaking”

When looking at fuel economy M cars just like most performance cars don’t have stellar fuel economy, but at the same time if you’re worried about fuel economy this probably isn’t the car for you. Go buy a hybrid (maybe hold out for a BMW i8?) where you won’t have to worry about fuel economy. For those curious however the M6 Coupe rates at 9.9litres per 100km’s and 10.3litres per 100km’s. This in an improvement of 30per cent over the previous generation M6.

Pricing for the M6 Coupe and Convertible in Australia start at $292,500 and $308,500 respectively and of course don’t include any dealer charges, stamp duty, statutory charges and on-road charges. This, of course, is because of the differences between states and territories.

Having seen one in person thanks to a few M6’s floating around at dealerships already, we’re really impressed with how the M Division has taken an already stunning car and turned it into a beast which not only commands presence, but can also speak for itself on a Sunday morning cruise in the mountains.

We weren’t invited to the official launch (must have got lost in the mail, hey BMW Australia?), but we’ll be sure to get our impressions of how it drives and handles as soon as we get our chance behind the wheel.

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