Whilst in Munich, Germany the home of BMW, we spotted the third generation BMW X5 on the road. The first cars have literally just come off the production line but this particular car we suspect was a final production prototype.

Third Generation BMW X5

The tell-tale signs are the lack of any BMW logo’s or model designations on the rear. What makes this spotting important for us, is that we got to see the vehicle in person and get a sense for its size and overall look.

The feedback we had from you, our readers, about the design was that the car was underwhelming and not as good as the outgoing second generation BMW X5. Whilst we aren’t fully in love with the new generation, we can see the promise of future M Sport versions looking fantastic.

Third Generation BMW X5

The third generation BMW X5 is due to be out later this year in Australia and bringing three initial engine variants including the petrol xDrive50i with a TwinPower Turbo V8, the TwinPower diesel xDrive30d and finally the M50d with again, a TwinPower Turbo diesel.

As well there are a plethora of new technology additions for enhancing safety as well as overall passenger comfort.

We look forward to having the chance to get up close, and personal later in the year.

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