This phrase is rare, but at the moment there is a Ferrari F40 for sale in Australia!

There’s a Ferrari F40 for sale in Australia

If you remember a little while ago, we shared that there was a Lexus LFA for sale at the bargain price of $1 Million. Now, the Lexus LFA is a special car, but in no way is it as special as a Ferrari F40.

Said by many enthusiasts and experts to be the best Ferrari ever made, the Ferrari F40 is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 352kW of power through a 5-speed manual. It’s also probably true that a poster of this car has sat on many walls for many years including mine.

There’s a Ferrari F40 for sale in Australia

It’s also worth knowing that only 1,315 were made between 1987 and 1992. This particular example for sale is a 1991 and since then has only travelled just over 18,000kms.

The asking price? The owner is asking for $1.45 Million, which they claim to be a bargain with US prices sitting around $1.35 Million at the moment.

There’s a Ferrari F40 for sale in Australia

It comes with all of its service history and other supporting documentation and the car itself is apparently a Concours Winner and imported by Ferrari Advocates Australia.

However, if you need something to sweeten the deal the owner is also throwing in 6 10 hour visits of professional detailing and a professional photo shoot at any location of your choice.

Not a bad deal at all.

There’s a Ferrari F40 for sale in Australia

Given how rare and how special this car, we don’t expect it to last. So if you’re in the market, don’t wait!

Make sure you go and check out the listing here.

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