If you remember a little while ago, we had one the car spotting Facebook groups share an image of a McLaren P1 getting around Brisbane. Whilst we McLaren didn’t confirm the car, there definitely is a McLaren P1 getting around Melbourne on a Dependable Towing, because there’s an actual video!

Check it out below. Apparently, the owner is the very same person who also recently had a Bugatti Veyron arrive onto our shores.

The McLaren P1 itself is super special, with just 375 cars being made and boasting a 0-300km/h time of 16.5 seconds (yeah 0-100km/h times are no longer cool). There’s so much carbon fibre being used it isn’t funny, and in the even more extreme version of the P1, the McLaren P1 GTR, there’s no need for a roll cage. The carbon fibre MonoCage meets all FIA requirements!

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