The unveiled BMW i3 is here, and in production form following a live streamed event from London, New York and Beijing. Following two year journey of concepts and CGI-videos we’ve finally made it, and seen the BMW i3 in final production form.

BMW i3 Production

Early in the 70’s BMW lead the way with a fully electric fleet for the Munich Olympics, however it has taken until now and their push for the market to be ready and to deliver an electric vehicle which, I think, will be what people want.

The BMW i3 is a zero-emission vehicle that offers a premium car package which aims to deliver on pure driving pleasure. This is the first production car for BMW that runs on electric power alone and offers owners what we think will be an experience which we’ve been longing for combining a sense of sportiness, great practicality, and BMW Connected Drive and 360 degree ELECTRIC services.

BMW i3 Production

Even though the vehicle is emission free, powering the car is BMW i3 is an electric motor generating 125kw of power and 250Nm of torque. Unlike a conventional combustion engine, where power builds as the car accelerates, the electric motor delivers maximum power straight away giving great agility and a sense of lightness.

BMW i3 Production

To store the energy and to replace the fuel tank are lithium-ion storage cells that are integrated into the cars underfloor section. This should give a really low centre of gravity, allow for more storage space – as you typically lose a lot of space thanks to the batteries.

Those who also get concerned about running out of juice, don’t worry. Think of your daily commute in your car. Chances are you’ll do around 100km’s a day on a busy day – well that’s our usual commute and the i3 will get you there with no worries. The range is stated to be 130km’s to 160km’s and can be increased depending on your route.

BMW i3 Production

Still not convinced that the range isn’t enough? Well, BMW hasn’t just released an electric vehicle into the market. They’ve released a vehicle built upon the foundation of research. Lots of research. BMW involved over 1,000 participants and over 20 million kilometres. Their results showed that customers travelled around 45km’s a day and charged their vehicles over night by plugging their car in to a conventional power socket.

BMW i3 Production

Now we don’t have any set launch details including pricing for Australia yet. However BMW Australia has confirmed via twitter that we will be getting that closer to launch. Whenever that is.

For Europe at least, there will be not only an opportunity to purchase an i3 through a dealership by there will be mobile sales teams, Customer Interaction Centres and Internet Sales.

From what feedback we’ve had on Facebook and Twitter already, it seems the styling is controversial, but we must say it looks pretty good and the interior is stunning. We’ll leave you some photo’s to enjoy and we look forward to seeing your thoughts!

Until then, we hope that BMW Australia will let us get behind the wheel sooner rather than later!


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AshMan, aka Ashley, has had a passion for cars since playing with Matchbox cars as a youngster. Currently working on World Domination and looks foward to seeing you on the small screen soon. He also likes people following him on Twitter: @ashmansays

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4 Responses

  1. Gavin Clark

    The exterior styling is horrible but for a daily run around I would drive it.

      • Gavin Clark

        I think the stunted front and back are a bit too harsh, maybe the lines need to be drawn out just a touch more.