Here at Daily Auto Fix, we like to listen to our fans and followers.

Recently a fan asked us whether we would be publishing anything relating to Pagani, the Italian supercar maker.

Well for the benefit of that fan and our other readers, subscribers and followers, Daily Auto Fix is proud to present The Pagani Huayra Story:

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The Pagani Huayra, for anyone who wasnt aware, is the latest masterpiece from the company that brought us the Zonda supercars. The Huayra is intended the be the replacement for the Zonda. It is powered by a 537Kw, 6.0 litre, Twin Turbo V12 borrowed from AMG and can hit  a top speed of around 378km/h with 100km/h arriving in 3.2 seconds.

Sadly, the Huayra, which would cost upwards of $1.3 million AUD, isn’t sold here. Pagani hasn’t had a presence in Australia since the middle of last decade when the now defunct Motor Group Australia sold the Zonda Coupe and Convertible for around $1.2 million a piece, making it one of the most expensive cars (if not the most expensive car) available on our roads at the time. For the record, Motor Group Australia sold the now out of production Noble M12 GTO-3R and the defunct but soon to be reborn MG brand down under at the same time.

For now, enjoy the video on one of the worlds truly insane, but truly great supercars.

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  1. Riley

    Has to be one of the most beautiful cars in the world.