Jaguar has announced the latest model to their lineup, based on the venerable XF sedan.

This is the Jaguar XF wagon, or, as dubbed by the car maker, the XF Sportbrake.

Jaguar claim that this new model is the most versatile Jaguar ever created- a claim that will be put to the test when the vehicle is debuted at the Geneva Auto show.

Jaguar say that in creating this new, equally stylish and far more practical variant, the overall length has increased by just 5 mm and the overall weight has increased by 70kg over the XF sedan which means the XF Sportbrake should match the handling prowess of the current sedan while offering a much more useable load space.

The XF Sportbrake has distinctive and tasteful styling while maintaining all of the flare that can be seen on other current Jag models.

The load space of the Sportbrake is a generous 550 litres with the seats up. This expands to a whopping 1675 litres when the seats in the tastefully luxurious interior are folded down.

The new Jag is expected to be powered by the usual range of four and six cylinder engines found in the regular XF.

The complete specifications of the new car will be revealed closer to the late 2012 launch of the XF Sportbrake. While no Australian release date has been officially announced, it is safe to assume that if the new car comes to our shores it will be released into the urban jungle in late 2012-early 2013.

This car may prove to be a worthy addition to the Daily Auto Fix Garage.


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