We knew it was coming and we were already in love with it. BMW officially unveiled the M6 Gran Coupe where a 412kW turbo V8 will help in cementing this beast in the market.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

For some the M6 Gran Coupe will be a confusing car because there’s another large four-door M car already: The M5 Sedan. So why a M6 Gran Coupe? Well we think it’s because the Gran Coupe has seen some reasonable success and Mercedes has done extremely well with the CLS 63 AMG here in Australia.

As already mentioned a 412kW and 680Nm TwinPower turbo V8 will be powering the M6 Gran Coupe and of course is the same engine in the M5 and M6 already. Even with the greater weight of the bigger four-door it will manage to find itself punching to 100km/h in just 4.2 seconds. It’s also worth noting that despite its size and V8 engine, fuel economy is stated to be just 9.9litres/100km. Which is excellent when comparing it to the outgoing M3 which sits at something like 14litres/100km or so.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

As what can be expected with the M6 Gran Coupe having a M6 Coupe/Convertible sibling already, the actual interior and styling is very similar. The only difference being the inclusion of extra doors and bigger rear seats. You’ll also notice in the images we have, the interior is nice with lots of leather, Alcantara roof lining and a Gran Coupe exclusive Carbon Fiber rear diffusor.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

Pricing for this supercar – yes supercar as for its fast enough to qualify – will start at $299,500 and will sit in the middle of the M6 range with the M6 Coupe at $292,500 and the M6 Convertible at $308,500. Right now, our pick would be the M6 Gran Coupe. You get more doors, more room in the back and a badass looking car for a few thousand more than its 2-door brother.

What do you think about the M6 Gran Coupe? Can it live with its other four door sibling the M5?

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