If you follow the hugely popular site Wrecked Exotics, you probably have seen the photos of the BMW i8 that rolled over recently.

One of the popular comments from multiple places was around the fear of being trapped in the car, if this ever did happen. Why are people saying this?

BMW i8 Roll Over

Source: WreckedExotics.com

Well, one reason is due to the Mercedes-Benz SLS Coupe and its gullwing doors. A built in safety feature was the inclusion of explosive door bolts. This ensured that in the case of a rollover, the occupants wouldn’t get trapped.

Now, the BMW i8 actually features butterfly like wing doors, so the way they open is a little different. This means that if the car is on its roof, the ability to open the doors isn’t fully impacted – still allowing the doors to open, and providing a means of escape for those inside.

BMW i8 Roll Over

Source: WreckedExotics.com

To clarify, we reached out to BMW Australia and this was their response:

“The BMW i8 complies with all worldwide safety regulations, including rescue of a flipped-over vehicle. In such a case, the remaining door opening angle still permits exiting from the car.

The doors can also be detached from the vehicle by rescue teams. If there is an accident, the doors unlock automatically anyway (as with every BMW). There is also a mechanical unlocking function.”

In addition to the statement, Lenore Fletcher, General Manager Corporate Communications, said:

“In addition, according to local safety experts, this is standard practice in Australia as well.”

You’ll also note that the photos show the carbon fibre reinforced plastic shell did a great job of holding the roof structure. So, there you go, you don’t have to be too worried about rolling your BMW i8.

BMW i8

However, we recommend keeping it sunny side up!

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