BMW is close to reaching the end of its transformation with refreshed line ups, new models and a new model naming convention. The most recent by-product is the new BMW 2 Series Coupe.

BMW 2 Series Coupe

Replacing the outgoing BMW 1 Series Coupe, the 2 Series Coupe is set to raise the bar set in its segment of the premium compact market. Will the 2 Series have the same cult following that made the 1 Series the success it was? Some owners went so far as to calling it the modern E30 3 Series.

Compared to the 1 Series Hatch, which shares the same DNA, it appears to give a look that it is meant to be driven fast and not in a sedate city setting. There are four seats, rear-wheel drive and an engine range and chassis set-up to back up this claim. Plus, there is going to be a BMW M235i Coupe to compliment the BMW M135i Hatch.

BMW 2 Series Coupe

With a launch date of March 2014, the BMW 2 Series Coupe will be available in three different packages. BMW Sport Line – offering a sportier interior and exterior look, the BMW Modern Line – an attempt at appealing those who love peak hour traffic, and finally the M Sport package which will be our personal preference in this car.

If you’ve been wondering, the new coupe compared to its outgoing relative, is 72mm longer, 32mm wider, the wheelbase is 30mm longer, the front track is 41mm wider and the rear track is 43mm wider. So in every aspect, it is bigger. This means that the interior cabin gets some extra capacity including more headroom for all and more legroom for the rear passengers.

BMW 2 Series Coupe

At launch there will be a number of engine variants available to choose from, including petrol and diesel options, all with BMW’s TwinPower Turbo setups. The first one off the rank will be the BMW 220i Coupe with a 135kW (270Nm) 2.0litre four-cylinder engine. Following that will be the BMW 218d Coupe with a 105kW (320Nm) four-cylinder diesel engine. The BMW 220d Coupe will house the 135kW (380Nm) diesel, and the 160kW (450Nm) 225d Coupe will round out the diesel options.

Each of the coupes will have efficiency turned up to the max with the inclusion of Air Curtains, Auto Start Stop on both the manual and automatic gear boxes. There will be an ECO Pro mode and a Proactive Driving Assistant system if the Navigation option has been ticked. All in the name to save fuel.

According to the experts at Champs Family Automotive, if you’re afraid that BMW has a very diesel orientated line up, you’d be correct in assuming that BMW is really pushing the diesel engine agenda. It’s for a good reason too. They pack loads of torque, and their fuel economy is hard to beat. Don’t think that BMW have ignored those petrol loving freaks though. This is where the M235i comes into play.

The M235i, which is available from launch, will house the 3.0litre (450Nm) six-cylinder in-line engine with BMW M’s Performance TwinPower Turbo tech. This means that the engine will output an impressive 240kW, plus feature M-specific tuning for chassis components and body features. It will also mean that it achieves its 0-100km/h time in 4.8seconds in the automatic and 5.0seconds in the manual.

BMW 2 Series Coupe

The famous 50-50 weight distribution has been maintained with longitudinally mounted engines, double-joint spring strut front axle and a five-link rear axle with bespoke tuning. Electric power steering will be making an appearance too. M Sport braking, Adaptive M suspension with electronically controlled dampers are options and DSC stability control system including DTC and an electronic locking function for the rear axle differential. You can option an M Performance mechanical limited-slip differential is available for the BMW M235i Coupe from launch.

The new look Coupe from BMW is promising and from feedback from some of our readers already. It seems that in the looks department at least, it passes. Now will it pass the on road test? We’ll have to wait and see.

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