The new Land Rover Range Rover has certainly made its mark, and leaves most drooling as it passes down a narrow lane in a suburb of hipsters. The more accessible all-new Range Rover Sport will now doubt leave the same pool of drool in its new guise.

All-New Range Rover Sport

Filling in the middle gap of the Range Rover line up, with the Range Rover and Range Rover Evoque filling the top and bottom spots, the Range Rover Sport should give drivers and their passengers the best of both worlds.

Starting from $102,800 for the Turbo-Diesel V6 engine, the new Range Rover Sport is up to 420kg lighter than its predecessor with its aluminium architecture.

The new design of the Range Rover Sport has introduced a 62mm longer vehicle, and a wheelbase that is 178mm longer. This means that there is greater room for passengers and an easier to access opening for those in sitting in the rear seats.

All-New Range Rover Sport

If you were to compare the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport, you’ll find that the Sport is still 149mm shorter and 55mm lower. Which for a street orientated vehicle, looks great to us and you can enhance that look with 19-, 20-, 21- or 22-inch wheels.

The Range Rover Sport is for those who prefer a more road friendly Range Rover, and from the press-release remains true. If you do though, want to venture off-road you will have greater wheel articulation, more ground clearance (278mm up 51mm), and a fifth-generation air suspension system.

Power steering unfortunately is electric, but saves weight and increases fuel efficiency. So do the two full-time 4WD systems which will be available to choose from. The first being a two-speed transfer case with a low-range option. The second being the road friendly, and 18kg lighter single-speed transfer case.

So you say, that’s great. What about the power?

Well, there will be four power options: The first two being two supercharged petrol engines being a 5.0litre 375kW V8, and a 3.0litre 250kW V6. The second two being two diesel engines which are a 3.0litre 190kW Turbo V6, and a 215kW V6 engine.

All-New Range Rover Sport

This range in the future, might also have some smaller four cylinder engines appear. However before that happens there will be a 4.4litre 250kW V8 diesel engine making an appearance midway through 2014.

0-100km/h times start from 5.3seconds which isn’t too shabby, and fuel consumption has been cut by up to 24 percent. All engines will be paired to an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Now, will I be sitting in comfort?

If the last Range Rover Sport was anything to go by, you should be. There’s an updated design which uses some great looking materials and colours that should match your lifestyle quite well indeed. The little things that Land Rover tend to do very well in, should mean that the steering wheel, gear shifter and centre console will be easy and enjoyable to use.

All-New Range Rover Sport

Plus, for those school sports days you can order a 5+2 seating configuration turning your SUV into the ultimate people mover.

That’s not all of it which will be in the new Range Rover Sport, however we hope to cover this for you in a future review. In the meantime let us know what you think of the Range Rover Sport!


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