In case you didn’t know, you’re able to actually order a Subaru BRZ online…well not at the moment. It seems that something has broken and you’re not able to get past step one in the ordering process.

A number of users have been receiving pop up errors when trying to select the delivery location for the BRZ and some haven’t even been as lucky to get that far (though that seems to be an on/off glitch).

Whilst it is a big step forward for any car maker to sell their cars online it is also important to get things right. We will update you when we hear more!

Thanks to @AdrianJSClark

Thanks to @AdrianJSClark

UPDATE: It seems that the site allows you to get past Step 1 for a lucky few however when you get to Step 2 you’re greeted with this lovely error:

UPDATE 2: We reached out earlier to Subaru and the reasoning behind the glitches were that the site received four times the normal traffic which caused issue initially. They then had scaled the site which reduced the issues.

UPDATE 3: Subaru has now released that they have sold out of their allocation of the BRZ which was limited to 201 cars through to the New Year with the first customer just taking 20minutes to fully complete their order.

So will this herald the end of dealers? Will customers just need somewhere to test drive a car and they’ll complete the order online? If so, maybe we should at DAF get cracking at a retail space – not a second hand classifieds – online. What do you think??

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