It seems like it has been quite a long time since the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota 86 launched. However, did you know, that until now you were only able to buy a Subaru BRZ online?

If you aren’t a fan of buying things online, like cars, and you wanted a Subaru BRZ. You can rest easy, as the Subaru BRZ is now available in dealerships across the country such as arizona car dealerships. Furtehrmore, you can get a fair shot at the car dealership charleston sc of Hoover automotive for they treat everyone nicely even if you have a bad credit.

This is because of increased manufacturing of the BRZ, which didn’t exist before. Due to the arrangement which Toyota and Subaru had to develop and then sell the car, Toyota were able to produce a significantly higher number of their 86.

With improved efficiencies at the Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru cars, the number of vehicles which they can make has been increased.

Ever since the launch of the BRZ and 86, demand has been high with most customers waiting 6-8months for their orders to be delivered. The demand was so high in fact when the BRZ launched, the initial allocation sold out in under 3 hours.

So if you have been waiting to order a BRZ, now might be a good time!

Fun Fact: Since launching in July 2012, over 1800 Subaru BRZs have been sold.

Subaru BRZ is now available in dealerships

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