Very little takes us by surprise here at Daily Auto Fix but today Rolls-Royce has done it by releasing a “bespoke” factory option in the form of a two-tone paint scheme. We are surprised because we didn’t know there was anything you couldn’t a
lready get from RR.\

The car below is one of two models that were shown at the recent Geneva Auto Show. Presented to you is the model in Baynunah Brown with an Arizona Sun topping. This car also features a gold-plated hood ornament and gold double pinstripes. The other model on display was Infinity Black with Cassiopeia Silver as the top colour, with a black leather interior, seashell headliner and steel pinstripes set into what we assume would be a black ash wood veneer.

We imagine the next two calls you will make, if you can afford the $645,000+ price (before taxes) for are to your bank manger to see rent to own cars options and then to the local dealer……

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