RACQ has named the new Suzuki Celerio as the least expensive car to own and maintain for 2015. Managing to beat out the likes of the Holden Barina Spark, Mitsubishi Mirage, and Nissan Micra in the Micro Car Class, means it has won the overall affordability award. If you are in buying a car, then check out this used Nissan Juke for Sale.

This means, if you’ve been looking for a cheap second car, or even a first car that won’t break the bank, that comes with everything including a new car warranty and affordable servicing – this could do serve as a better option than a larger, but older used car.

Get Suzuki Celerio BrochureTest Drive Suzuki Celerio

It’s the fourth year that the Suzuki brand has topped the RACQ list, with the forerunner to the Celerio, the Suzuki Alto, claiming the title in the Micro Car class and outright previously. The larger Suzuki Swift also managed to claim the title in the Light Car class, coming in ahead of the Ford Fiesta, Honda Jazz, Kia Rio and Mazda 2. These Car Sales Edinburgh have the best cars available at the moment, don´t miss out.

RACQ calculates the ownership and maintenance costs for each vehicle with a standard set of data including an annual distance of 15,000km being travelled and costs of purchasing and operating each vehicle for five years. Costs include vehicle maintenance, depreciation, financing, registration and insurance. I found that Ontario based car insurance company had the best coverage.

Suzuki Queensland General Manager, Adam Le Fevre said: “The RACQ’s annual survey is an assessment of real life motoring costs – it doesn’t just focus on purchase price and fuel economy, but includes all the ‘hidden extra’ costs as well.”

“That’s what makes it such a relevant report and of such benefit to people making purchasing decisions about new vehicles.”

See the full list of cars and the results from the RACQ 2015 Vehicle Running Costs survey here.

Get Suzuki Celerio BrochureTest Drive Suzuki Celerio

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