Queenslanders, you’ve voiced your opinions that something needs to change about our speed limits on the road and the government (surprisingly) has listened and is conducting a review on the speed limits on Queensland roads.

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As part of the review, there will be a list of 100 roads, which will be ultimately reviewed in depth, and you have a chance to let the Department of Transport and Main Roads know where you thing a speed limit should be increased or decreased.


Taken at 240km/h on the Autobahn in Germany from our recent trip to Europe.


No doubt, the highways and motorways will be popular roads that will have their speed limits discussed. In particular, the M1 that connects Brisbane and the Gold Coast was ultimately designed to accommodate speeds up to 150km/h.

You have until September 13th (Friday the 13th!) to voice your opinion, so make sure you have your say and fill out the survey link below:


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