Despite what has been happening in financial markets across the globe. It seems that Porsche has done something right to yield such an impressive growth during 2011.

Porsche had planned for 100,000 deliveries in 2011 yet sales were just short of 120,000 with Asia dominating almost 33 percent of those sales.

And you’re probably wondering why they sold that many cars? Well Bernhard Maier (Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of Porsche AG) gives his thoughts: “There are sound reasons behind 2011’s success: fascinating products, highly motivated employees and a strong brand. In 2012 we will delight our customers even more by putting our Strategy 2018 into effect.”

However if GFC2.0 is really going to hit, we’re betting that it’s the big players cashing out and having some fun before it all hits the fan…or that they have done a really good job in 2011. I guess we’ll have to see what’s true at the end of this year.

Catch the full press release here if you’re into that kind of stuff: Press Release: Delivery record for Porsche in 2011

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