It looks like the relationship between Opel and Australia was a one-sided affair. This afternoon, Opel announced that it will be closing its doors and dismantling its network effective immediately.

Opel Astra Tourer

It’s a sad day for what was a brand that brought us some more of the more affordable vehicles with the European flavor Australian seems to love so much.

During the announcement Opel Australia said it couldn’t remain viable and follow other European makers in their trend of cutting prices and a significant shift would have to occur to even stand a chance.

Opel had invested significantly in the promotion of the brand here in Australia, and it seemed that the effort required to also continue this to maintain the position in the market it currently holds is too great. Particularly when we have such a competitive market.

As for current customers and owners of Opel vehicles, Opel Australia hope to assure them at all legal obligations will be meet for warranty.

Opel Zafira Tourer

Looking ahead, as they are a General Motors company, which also owns Holden. We might just see some niche products with the Holden logo filter down if there’s room in our tight market.

It’s a sad day, we loved our Opel Astra Touring, which we reviewed however as a brand with 20 dealerships Australia wide it’s tough when you only sell 1530 cars in 18months.

Are you sad to see Opel go or are you a current owner of an Opel? How do you feel about the sudden closure?

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