Apart from the obvious dangers associated to running red lights, which usually ends in disaster, there’s another reason why you shouldn’t be an idiot and ignore the stop signal.

This is one of the reasons why you don’t run red lights!

To set the scene, a mechanic was taking a Ferrari F40 for a test drive after it [what we assume] had some work done on it. On his way back to the work shop, a red light runner smashed into the F40 he was driving.

This is one of the reasons why you don’t run red lights!

The photo taken by Matthew Berenz, and posted on The Garage Blog, shows the aftermath with a wrecked F40 in the middle.

It’s good to know that nobody was seriously injured except for the cars who suffered the worst.

Even though road users share the sentiment that speed cameras are a joke, red light cameras and the fines/demerit points that come with offenders, we think, are fully justified.

Don’t run a red light, not only are you putting life at risk but also classic cars like the one above.

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