Nissan at their morning press event have just unveiled with Kelly Brothers racing their V8 Supercar which will be competing next year in the 2013 V8 Supercar Championship.

With a team of 70 people from Kelly Racing working on the car with even just 1500 hours worked in creating the moulds and 4800 hours of design for the V8 Engine alone not including machining or building.

Rick Kelly said “Nothing more exciting than taking the cars of a chassis and driving it for the first time”

Todd Kelly said “This is the car I’ve always wanted to build” and “Bring on 2013”

The design itself looks awesome (yes, we were a tiny bit sceptical) and sure to scare some other teams with its lines.

Nissan Altima V8 Supercar

At the moment the car itself which was unveiled can possibly change as it is yet to be presented to V8 Supercars for approval. The team is confident it will pass the tests first go, but won’t be putting any parts into full production until they have the big tick.

Stay tuned as we got more photos and information. We’ll definitely be updating you as it comes!

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