After 6 years, Nissan Australia is bring the pulsar back to Australian shores. Although, underneath the base models are a Nissan Tiida, and the up market models are known as a Sylphy overseas, the pulsar is back nonetheless  at the same price as the it was 16 years ago to at 19,990 plus on roads.2013 Nissan Pulsar

If you want one, you had better move fast as Nissan  following in the footsteps of Subaru have offered special discounts and extras for the first 4000 online orders in February. Though let’s hope they don’t share the same problems Subaru did.

2013 Nissan Pulsar

Also, for those of you wondering, dreaming even “Will the SSS return?”. The answer to that is Yes. The SSS will return mid year with the same motor as the rest of the line, albeit with a turbo charger bolted on! Which makes us here at DAF excited to see what kind of hot hatch the SSS pulsar turns out to be.

2013 Nissan Pulsar

This is all apart of a revival strategy of Nissan Australia to invigorate the Nissan Australia line up and attempt to win back some customers. The campaign is quite big seeing a new car announced every 2 1/2 months for the next 2 1/2 years. (That’s 12 cars for those of you trying to do the maths.) The advertising campaign is set to ramp up in all forms of media in the coming months.

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