We love our racing simulators, and arcade games however nothing quite meets our enthusiasm for Next Car Game.

Next Car Game

What is Next Car Game? It’s a game inspired by some of the craziest and most fun racing games including the FlatOut series, Destruction Derby games and the old school classic technology: Street Rod. So essentially it has the aim of taking the best bits and mashing them together.

Now if you love shiny supercars, this isn’t the game for you. The creators have said that “the cars are old, cheap, banged up, patched together, rust….just awesome!” Don’t worry, if you do favour American, European or Asian cars you will be satisfied though and you can still keep your pride.

What most enthusiasts will enjoy about this game, is the ability to take the cars apart, rebuild them and then race them or destroy them. The website suggests that there will be the ability to do what we do best. That is, scouring the classified for that bargain part that will be killer in your car. It seems this one and others will be one of the Best Games for PS4 in 2017.

Next Car Game

So right now, if you’re already interested, we have the trailer for you to check out. This will hopefully show you just some of the awesome destruction and customisation that is available. The sad part? Well, the game isn’t finished yet.

Next Car Game

The creators claim to have invested over $1million into the development of the game and now want to take it over the line and finally ship! We won’t do the sales pitch on you, on why you should pre-order/back the game.

Next Car Game

We’ll just leave you with this trailer and the link to their site here:

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AshMan, aka Ashley, has had a passion for cars since playing with Matchbox cars as a youngster. Currently working on World Domination and looks foward to seeing you on the small screen soon. He also likes people following him on Twitter: @ashmansays

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