The letters ‘GTI’, ever since they first appeared in 1976, have meant something special and the new Golf GTI Mk 7 is something special. That’s if you can tell the new and old models apart. They almost look identical from the outside.

Golf GTI Mk 7

Back when the Golf GTI Mk 1 first landed, it only produced 81kW of power. The Golf GTI Mk 7 doubles that power with 162kW and [obviously] brings more torque and acceleration than any previous GTI. We’re glad to hear that, otherwise the previous GTI could have stuck around for longer.

New Golf GTI owners will be happy to know the 0-100km/h time now sits at the 6.5 second mark, and takes aim at some other more expensive European hatches including the A 45 AMG from Mercedes and the M135i from BMW. Though, it is still ultimately slower than both.

Golf GTI Mk 7

Along with the usual seventh generation Golf upgrades there will be a debut of progressive steering, Driver Fatigue Detection system, Driving Profile Selection, Multi-collision brake and Extended Electronic Differential Lock. In layman’s terms it’ll help you push it harder, and also keep you in check for when you might not be paying attention.

If you’re wanting a few more comfort options, you can add Adaptive Cruise Control and Front Assist with City Emergency Braking. Just when you’re not on the ball and about to run up the a$$ of the car in front.

Golf GTI Mk 7

The Golf GTI Mk 7 will weigh 1,380kg with the manual gear box, or a significantly less 1,324kg with the DSG box. Also, in between driving flat stick, you can save some fuel with the Start/Stop system. However, like most other cars with it optioned, we’ll end up turning it off.

Packed into the bonnect of the GTI is a 2.0litre TSI engine creating 162kW of power and 350Nm of torque (compared to the 280Nm in the previous model). In this engine, there were a few modifications made, including a new thermal management system which contributes to a 19% saving of fuel usage.

If you’re up on your Golf GTI fabric names, ‘Jacky’ has had an operation and is now known as ‘Clark’. Whatever that really means. The rest of the interior, ultimately, is what you’d expect of a slightly improved GTI interior.

No doubt, this will sell.

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