It’s usually easy enough to spot a Porsche in the traffic, but the new campaign, created by oOh! Media, turns a boring ad into one clever Porsche ad to make sure nobody misses it.

The digital billboard and Porsche detecting cameras has been set up near Melbourne Airport, Australia. Of course, where there is probably a higher concentration of Porsche owners coming and going from the airport.

How the system works, on the surface, is pretty simple. There’s a camera 300 metres from the billboard  that analyses the approaching vehicle make and model in real-time to identify if the car is a Porsche. No doubt oOh! and IBM who developed the software would say otherwise on the complexity though…

Check out the video on how it works:


According to oOh! Media’s John Purcell, Commercial Director, Operations and Technology said “the world first concept, developed specifically for Porsche by oOh!’s Creative Services team, demonstrates the multiple new ways digital billboards can be used to create a unique customer experience for brands.”

It’s certainly a very cool concept, and no doubt that in amongst their regular digital ads, the odd Porsche owner who see this at Melbourne airport from 10-15 January, 2015 will appreciate the personalised at.

Especially since personalisation is what Porsche does extremely well.

Full details: oOh! Media

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