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“Anti-Hoon Laws?” You say, “But Hoons and Hooning is not a legal term!”

Too which we say, not it’s not. However a media beat up is still going down in regards to them because that’s what the minister for police called them. So what are they actually called?

“Police Powers and Responsibilities (Motor Vehicle Impoundment) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012”

The word hoon doesn’t actually appear in the title, and the word hoon never pops up again in the whole Act, so there’s point one. Lots of people are worried there’s no legal definition of “hooning” and that the police can now just pick you up for anything. Well this isn’t actually the case.

“What can they do with this new legislation?”

If you are found to be be committing a street offence, either; type 1, type 2 or noise offence, depending on it’s severity you can have your car either impounded, immobolised or forfeited too the state, where the state can either sell your vehicle, part it out and sell it, or crush it (though except for wanting to make an example for the public, chances are of the state crushing versus having a means of generating revenue is slim).

“So the police can’t just get me for hooning at their leisure?”

No, they can’t. They must still prove you have committed a type 1 driving offence, which include offences such as:

-Burn outs
-Dangerous driving
-Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle
-Noise offences related to a motor vehicle

So, on that note. Whilst sometimes we have the urge to let it fly at the lights or sprint up the highway onramp, we here at DAF would ask to go to the facilities which are designed for those very things. Whether that is a race track, skidpan or any other type of motor sport venue.

These laws whilst, can seem a little unfair to those who believe that have the skills to keep things in control on the road you still can put   countless lives in danger and also run the risk or losing your car. We don’t want to report on lost lives or impounded cars. Check out your local racetrack for events which you might be able to attend and to put your skills to the test in a safe environment where everybody wins.

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Ben is a young motoring enthusiast who loves anything thing with wheels, and some things without! When not reading about cars, Ben is playing with his camera or computers.

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