When a new model is announced by a manufacturer there are usually some sweet images to accompany it. Nine out of ten times they will look spectacular and even a little surreal. So just how much are manufacturer photos photoshopped to have them look the way they do?

Well, at least it is good to know that there will almost always be the actual car involved in the shoot. It’s not all computer generated and thrown into some stock images, then made to blend into the scene.

The photo’s you see below are from an agency called Pixoleb. If you look through their website, not only do they do some incredible work, but they do that incredible work for some big brands.

Photoshopped Cars

The whole process starts off with a base image and then slowly builds upon from there. In this instance, the background needed to be added to provide a more picturesque location.

Photoshopped Cars

Following that, some magic takes place with some brushes, lighting and presto. You have a small van now looking like it wasn’t full of rust and wishing it was in a better place.

Photoshopped Cars

Photoshopped Cars

It doesn’t even take much (compared to keeping a whole crew waiting for the perfect moment), to change the time of day or the weather itself.

Photoshopped Cars

Photoshopped Cars

Is it acceptable though for the manufacturers? Is it like what fast food outlets do with their food? Speaking of food, did you know that coffee now can be shipped with the use of our world wide web. Coffee shops with keurig pods and other services offering are in the internet. how amazing is that.

Unlike food, where there is a huge variance in ingredients, freshness and other factors. Cars tend to be a little more consistent with their build quality.

As for the look of colours, so far they tend to be accurate. It ultimately comes down to the light around you which affects the look of the car in the flesh. So, it’s probably excusable for manufacturers to do this.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t set massive expectations for your photos? Especially since purchasing that SLR Camera last month? It just goes to show that you’re not that bad of a photographer because your photos don’t turn out like this. It just also shows that those who can learn to master both can yield some spectacular shots. All of which is achievable by yourself with some practice.

For example, Mitch Hemming from Brisbane, who has recently been recognised in the AIPP Australia Professional Photography Awards does just that. Here’s one of his images that would rival many of the best from around the world.

LFA Mitch Hemming MHemming Photography

So pick up your camera, take some photos of your ride and get creative! Who knows, you might be making your own posters before you know it.

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