Overnight McLaren have given a sneak peak at the upcoming replacement for the legendary F1. Called the P1, the supercar will weigh in at under 1300kg’s, there will be 500 made, produce over 900bhp and cost an arm and a leg.

McLaren P1 Front

What will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show next week will be what McLaren call a ‘design study’. Meaning things can change between now and production. What this design study shows however is how aggressively the P1 style will be. You can see the low nose, cuts in the doors and numerous vents to provide cooling to crucial areas and extra down force.

A nice design element for the P1 is the natural carbon presentation of the aerodynamic surfaces, and styled pieces for this preview will be in the now McLaren popular Volcano Orange. In other words, this would be a great car to have in the Daily Auto Fix garage! (We keep telling ourselves that anyway)

McLaren P1 Rear

The engine itself will be the same as the MP4-12C however will be doing some magic to it. This includes adding a Formula 1 style KERS system adding over 160bhp for acceleration. Meaning this thing will be able to shoot from 0-100km/h in less than 3 seconds.

McLaren P1 Side

Unfortunately, chances of any production models coming to Australia is limited. Though if we do hear that some models are coming down under. We’ll let you know!

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