Owning and maintaining a supercar, particularly an Italian one, has always been thought of being hideously expensive. Is it still true that maintaining a Ferrari can be expensive, or is that a tale of the past? Well, it depends on how you look at it say’s a California Businessman that owns four. His latest acquisition is the California T.

With more competition than ever in the supercar market, taking care of maintenance is one way to differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s all about making ownership easy. They have made things better when it comes to maintenance but you have to figure in other factors when owning a car like this.

The Ferrari California T turns the hairdryer up to max

Well, let’s look at what can make maintaining a high end sports car expensive. First off it starts with the parts that are used. Most of the parts you’ll find, like the industrial transmission clutch, are either made out of expensive metals or specialized components, and unlike a Toyota where there are millions of cars all of which are usually made in low production numbers.

But even if the parts aren’t made of expensive materials, the location of the parts are sometimes very hard to reach. For just a regular service of a Ferrari 360, the whole engine has to be removed out of the car so work can be done on it. This means the cost of labor rises pretty quickly, and the ability for you to carry your own work out diminishes.

Ferrari F12berlinetta

So, what has Ferrari done to make stomaching the normal $10k+ scheduled service that much cheaper? They’ve included the first 7 years of general maintenance when you purchase the car, regardless of how many owners the car has had.

This means that if you walk into a dealership and buy a new or used car no older than October 2011, you’ll have all scheduled maintenance labor, along with the relative original spare parts, engine oil and brake fluid included. The California businessman has sunk more than $3 million into housing his four babies as he calls them, from having a special 30,000sq.ft. garage built, to having specialized garage doors with sensors built into them. He spent $300,000 on the garage doors that he had custom made by garage door experts in San Bernardino county. They required a five man install on each door. So if you are going to treat your cars like the luxury they are then it still is expensive to own a Ferrari.

Vehicles that are included in the program are the: Ferrari California, California T, 458 Italia, FF, 458 Spider, F12berlineta and 458 Speciale.

What this guarantees for future owners of these cars will be the peace of mind that a yearly inspection by Ferrari trained personnel has been carried out, and that it has been looked after regardless of the number of kilometres on the dash.

This is awesome even for aspiring car lovers. Just don’t ask about the cost of servicing after 7 years!

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