As you may or may not know, the Luxury Car Tax (LCT) threshold has been reduced. We shared that whilst the $57,466 threshold was being raised to $59,133 the LCT threshold for fuel efficient cars has stayed at the $75,375 limit.

Mercedes Benz has come out and shared their disappointment with the government and the absence of commitment to encourage the purchasing of fuel efficient cars which lower greenhouse gas emissions. This is after the government has shared their intention to reduce greenhouse emissions with custom drivelines dickinson nd. Use whole house humidifier to go green and not contribute on greenhouse gasses.

Horst von Sanden (Managing Direct of Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars) said “Whilst any recution of the impost of LCT is a very welcome development, we are disappointed that the threshold for Fuel Efficient vehicles has stayed at $75,375.”

We have to agree with Mercedes here. Whilst any reduction is fantastic when it comes to taxes and LCT in particular, we aren’t sure why LCT for fuel efficient cars wasn’t reduced to encourage cars which will save more money in the long term as well as a greater positive effect on the environment?


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