The upcoming launch of the BMW i8 has got us excited. Unfortunately it still means that we won’t get any closer to owning one. However for those who do purchase one, will be able to buy some special Louis Vuitton Carbon Fiber luggage to match.

Louis Vuitton Carbon Fibre luggage for your BMW i8

What sets these bits of luggage from other Louis Vuitton pieces is the already mention use of Carbon Fiber to match the extensive use of the material in the BMW i8. And, whilst you might think that this is a little overboard, Ferrari also offer some specially designed luggage for approximately $16,000.

Of course all of the usual Louis Vuitton design cues and trademark Damier pattern is present, but most importantly, all four pieces are designed to fit ‘snugly’ in the BMW i8. So, as long as you are good at games of Tetris, you should have any problem packing for a weekend away.

The Weekender GM i8, with both hand and shoulder carry straps, is custom-designed to go into the boot, while the Garment Bag i8 is a perfect fit for the rear shelf of the BMW i8.

The sturdy hardshell Business Case i8 which is also ideal for carrying laptops, matches the shape of the rear seats; while the small Weekender PM i8 is designed to rest on its surface.

Louis Vuitton Carbon Fibre luggage for your BMW i8

The Louis Vuitton luggage series will be available upon request in a selection of Louis Vuitton stores worldwide including Munich, Milan, London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, New York, and Los Angeles starting April 1st 2014.

Despite not listing Australia, we have no doubts that you would have any problems in ordering pieces through either your (now) very happy BMW dealership, or Louis Vuitton store (also just as happy now).



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