We now why Dr Evil really wanted the $1 million. It was to buy this Lexus LFA for sale in Australia for, that’s right, $1 Million.

Lexus LFA for Sale in Australia

This particular Lexus LFA, is indeed, 1 of 10 that were brought down under by Lexus and 1 of 500 built worldwide.

Whilst the asking price for some, might seem a little ‘expensive’, it’s believed that you’re still paying less than it cost Lexus to develop and build. Now it is a justifiable bargain right?

Well how about you add a Carbon Fibre chassis, Glass Fibre body panels, then the engine and exhaust systems which are a result of a Yamaha and Toyota F1 factory partnership.

Additionally this LFA was optioned with Carbon Ceramic Brakes, fancy Red Brake Calipers, Bluetooth and Navigation. We have no idea why Bluetooth and Navigation was originally an option for a Lexus this expensive, but at least this the two options should make up for the lack of cup holders.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the Lexus LFA. It’s expensive, slower than its competitors and ugly. However, as we all should know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can also respect, just how insanely fast the engine revs.

Check out the photos and the ad, then let us know: Would you spend $1 Million on a Lexus LFA?

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3 Responses

  1. Alan

    You must be bad to pay 1M in AUS there are dozens of new LFA available for $340k in the USA. This is the cars real value,,, as already mentioned its an acquired taste in looks… we pay to much for cars in Australia don’t feed the local motor industry just because they are greedy. You could buy a Ferrari f12 for $650k today.. just look around the websites.. and that’s a much nicer car.

  2. meds

    If by slower you mean faster than everything on the Nurburgring that has working aircon and sat nav (it has been supplanted by the Nismo GTR and Porsche 918 hyper car since) then yes, you’re totally right.