SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle or Super Utility Vehicle? That’s the question now posed when you look at the Lamborghini Urus Concept. The Urus is Lamborghini’s first foray into the SUV market, and arguably it stands a much better chance compared to what Bentley tried to do at Geneva.

Now when we first saw the Urus, we immediately drew comparisons to the BMW X6M with its’ coupe styling. However this beast sits a little lower and measures at 4.99 meters in length and boasts adaptive aerodynamics. This means you can adjust the ride height, front spoiler, rear spoiler and the wind deflector on the rear windshield. Plus there are no rear side mirrors, instead you’ll have cameras to what we gather is to enhance its aerodynamics.

The Aventador J came in an awesome one off red, but it seems it has made a return for the Urus. As well as when you step inside there is carbon fibre reinforced polymer and bucket seats for all 4 passengers. The look and feel of the interior to us at the office feels like the Sesto Elemento but more classy.

Lamborghini says that it will have a full time AWD system and dual-clutch transmission with paired with an engine which will achieve in the ball park of 440kw/600hp. Now that’s impressively scary!

As this is a concept car, chances are if it makes it to production things will change or features will be dropped for whatever reason. We are however, very excited to see this on the road at some point in time in the future.

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