Kia launches today a brand new ‘industry-leading’ capped price service program which also includes free 24-hour roadside assistance across the model range. What Kia has introduced is a huge step forwards in helping people lower the cost of owning a car, where servicing can be a tough pill to swallow!

In addition to Kia Connect, new sales from today will receive a complimentary service at three months or 3000kms for a vehicle operational check. This also provides an opportunity for Kia to build a relationship between the dealer service department and the customer (which is always a really nice thing to have).

Tony Barlow (COO of Kia Motors Australia) said about the program: “Kia Connect is a genuine value-add program for our growing number of customer, adding just one more logical reason why Kia should be a front-of-mind consideration for any new car purchase.”

Below we’ve included a full service table outlining the costs for each of the models in the Kia range. Also it’s worth noting that for the 24-hour roadside assistance will only be active for the first 12months and then renewed when the vehicles annual service is completed.

Kia Connect will be applied to every new car sold after August 1 and in September the program will be applied to vehicles already in service, beginning at the car’s next service and until the end of the cars warranty period.


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