Jaguar F-Type Desire Short Film

If you remember back to a number of years ago BMW changed the game with their own series of short films. The Hire, was the title of the series and it starred Clive Owen and had other big hitters such as Madonna and Guy Ritchie involved. This time around Jaguar has decided to make a 15min short film for the F-Type.

Jaguar Short Film Trailer – Desire:

Jaguar charged the Brooklyn Brothers and Ridley Scott Associates (the same group behind the BMW series) to produce the short film. The big names doesn’t stop there however. Damian Lewis, star of Homeland, and Shannyn Sossamon are the stars of the Film alongside the F-Type. Adam Smith takes up the director’s chair and Lana Del Rey performs an original track for the short film.

BMW Short Film – The Hire – Star:

The title, Desire, is a story of Clark (played by Lewis – if you couldn’t put that together). His job is to deliver the F-Type to a client who is more than capable to pay for the troubles. As you would expect for a short film like this. Things don’t go exactly to plan and comes across a damsel in distress, dudes with guns, a glock mat and lots of high-speed stunts.

The trailer, as you will see, shows a lot – and we mean a lot – of similarities to the BMW short films. There’s a rough story, recognisable actor, couple of other big names and a hot car. However. What made the BMW films so great was the clever little story. Whether it was great subtle humour or characters which kept you guessing. This short film seems to focus a little too much on the car rather than on the story. Letting the car speak for itself and become a great vehicle to keep the story moving (pun intended).

The film will be having a theatrical premiere in London in the near future, after that however, the film will be available online. We look forward to the short film. Simply because in the end how could you not like a short film focusing on the beautiful Jaguar F-Type.

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