So it seems that we have come across some pictures of the yet to be announced Range Rover Vogue.

As you can see there are some noticeable changes from the current generation but not throwing what makes a Vogue a Vogue.

We don’t have much information at all so enjoy the pics and let us know what you think!


Further to our story this morning (and the attached photos) we can confirm that this rather cool looking beast IS the new Range Rover. Land Rover have released a few scant details ahead of the cars unveiling at the Paris Motor Show.

Land Rover has kept most of the Mechanical details close to its chest until the official unveiling however they have confirmed that thanks to a new Aluminium chassis, the new Rangie will weigh up to 420kg LESS than the old model when it goes on sale (in the UK, among other markets) in January next year. LR is also claiming 39% better rigidity for the new car, which should make it a better drive along a winding road.

While the weight reduction will bring many emissions, performance and fuel saving benefits, Land Rover say it will be the strongest and the most refined Range Rover they have built yet.

While still clearly a Range Rover, the design incorporates a number of cues from the smaller Evoque, which is currently Australia’s best selling small luxury SUV. We must say we REALLY LIKE it!

However, the changes also flow under the skin, with new aluminium frames and suspension systems (air suspension no less) which, along with the latest version of Land Rovers awesome Terrain Response 4WD system, should help to maintain the cars excellent ride quality on-road and its formidable prowess in the rough stuff.

Inside too, the occupants are treated to an extra 118mm of leg room over the old model as well as the usual forest of wood and and piles of cow skin that makes the Range Rover one of the most luxurious 4WD vehicles available. The boffins at Range Rover have even laminated the glass windows to reduce road noise!

While we don’t know when the car will touch down here, or whether the price will deviate from the current range between $158,100 and $315,000 (before taxes), we cant wait to get our hands on what is the ultimate in cool off-roaders!

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