Infiniti (not to be confused with Eterniti) has announced its dealers for the east coast of Australia, with plans to set up dealers in Adelaide and Perth next year.

In Sydney, Infiniti will be sold by the Suttons Motor Group. In Melbourne, Penfolds is setting up an outlet for the brand while in sunny QLD, AP Eagers will be in charge of the prestige maker.

Infiniti say that their dealerships are intended to resemble luxury hotels, a look designed by Graphos Architects, based in Melbourne.

Inifiniti will launch after a substantial hiatus, into the Australian car market in August this year. The first models off the boat will be the M-series sedan and the FX-crossover (pictured), with the G-series coupe and convertible following in December this year.

Infiniti’s last foray into the Australian market occurred in the 90’s thanks to the largely unloved Q45 sedan, which was basically a very up-spec Maxima. The G-series coupes, badged as Nissans, are available here in very small numbers as grey imports.


With a much more diverse and unique product range, Infiniti deserves a second chance in Australia!


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