In Australia, our truckies when they spot a speed camera and a body camera they call out on the radio that there’s a flash for cash. That’s because the long standing argument is that they aren’t there to save lives, but to raise cash.

Whilst this story is from 2010, the current discussions going on in Australia make this topic highly relevant. The Swedish National Society for Road Safety has done something bold and literally turning them into a flash for cash. The program which is sponsored by Volkswagen is simple. If you stick to driving below the limit, you could win the ‘Speed Camera Lottery’.

A speed camera in Stockholm has been reprogrammed to snap every car which goes past, regardless of speed. Those who break the law still will receive a fine but every person who isn’t breaking the law will receive a ticket for the lottery.

The funds raised from the fines by the speeding drivers get put back to be won by the behaving drivers.

The result after 3 days of the experiment at this camera was staggering. 25,000 cars were snapped and the average speed through that zone (which was a school zone) dropped from 32km/h to 25km/h.

After the positive results from the experiment, the road safety authority was considering the expansion of the experiment to other areas where children are often found including kindergartens.

So, would you like to see something like this implemented in Australia, particularly around school areas?

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