‘Sporty’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind when a Hyundai drives past, let alone a four-banger hatchback, but all that could be about to change with the Hyundai i30 SR for the ambitious South Korean motor company.

Hyundai i30 SR
With the introduction of the new 2.0 litre, naturally aspirated Hyundai i30 SR, Australia could be set to see a new, more exhilarating, side to the increasingly popular automobile manufacturer.

Since its introduction in 2007 the Hyundai i30 has received a barrage of awards globally for its quality, driver satisfaction and reliability and the SR is on track to follow suit.

Hyundai i30 SRPowering the Core

Adding a bit of spice to the regular 1.8 litre with an extra 19kW (up to 129kW in the SR) the sports model seems primed to take on some of the already very athletic hot hatchbacks on the market. The suspension setup on the new SR has been changed to suit as well, with new dampers and front springs designed specifically to shake an apple or two off your tree.

Along with the numerous engine modifications, the new i30 SR has also received a wide array of interior and exterior ‘bling’ to keep the less track inclined excited. 17” sporty alloy wheels, leather upholstery and even HID Xenon lights to add that extra ‘euro’ appeal are just a few extras thrown in on top of the i30 Elite.

Hyundai i30 SR

Hyundai i30 SR Cost

Costing slightly less than $3,500 extra on top of the 1.8 litre Elite model, it is an easy sacrifice for Australia’s 2012 Best Small Car under $35,000’s more track conscious cousin, the 2.0 SR at $30,190.

Realistically the new SR is still more of a family car than a sports car though, but Hyundai dabbling in some motorsport ‘black magic’ is great news for everyone. The outstanding five year, unlimited km warranty also means that car enthusiasts who enjoy a slightly more ‘spirited drive’ are not going to be left high and dry with failed components anytime soon.

Hyundai i30 SR

Hyundai have done a tremendous job of making a reliable family hatchback well suited to Australian conditions – and to a budget.

Here’s hoping the introduction of the 2.0 SR i30 will usher in a new era of race inspired models to the already well-established Hyundai line up and help to add some flavour to your morning drive.


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