The Holden Commodore will once again appear on the shores of North America with it morphing into the Chevrolet SS in late 2013.

Holden’s announcement confirmed speculation about a possible export program. The Chevrolet SS will be based off the VF Commodore which is making its way to Australian showrooms in 2013.

The last export program which got the VE models rebranded to Pontiacs before GM closed ending the program early. With this program it will bring a rear-wheel-drive sports car to Chevrolet which has been absent for almost 17years.

Pontiac G8 which its exporting life was cut short.

Whilst the sedan has been announced, there is no word yet whether a stationwagon or ute will join at a later date. (We don’t think the Americans could handle a ute!)

This announcement is great news for the Holden brand and the industry in Australia, and we look forward to seeing what the Americans think of the Chevrolet SS.


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