We are saying goodbye to the Ford Falcon but to ease our pain as customers Ford is unleashing the brand new Ford Mustang in right hand drive form for us to finally enjoy.

The question that looms however is why should we/you be excited for the 50th Anniversary model? Traditionally the Mustang hasn’t been amazing from a vehicle technology stand point, its big power in a basic chassis.

2015 Ford Mustang

This time around Ford has rewritten the handbook on what a Mustang should be that makes it a modern muscle car whilst paying homage to its iconic history.

So let’s look at what’s new and in the reasons why you should be ordering a new Ford Mustang:

It looks tough

2015 Ford Mustang

It’s lower, and it has a wider stance. What’s not to like a modern twist on a classic Mustang look? I’m an instant fan and have no doubts that tuners will make this car look boss after it is on our roads too.

We already/will have some awesome looking coupes on the road including the new BMW M4, S 63 AMG Coupe, Maserati GranTurismo, and Nissan GTR. The problem is that they are all north of $150,000. Hopefully we’ll be seeing the Mustang in the $50k-$100k bracket.

It should handle like a sports car

2015 Ford Mustang

Muscle cars have never handled well, and even in their modern forms they have always struggle with this. If you are to look under the new Mustang you’ll see something never done before. It has a brand new intergral-link independent rear suspension system with specifically modified geometry, springs, dampers and bushings.

Up at the fron you’ll find a double ball-joint MacPherson strut system that allows Ford to give you better stopping power with bigger and more powerful brakes. If you budget allows, you can also upgrade the stock brakes through three available brake packages Ford will be offering.

Classic muscle car power

2015 Ford Mustang

Ok, so the Mustang GT will have its classic V8 engine that displaces 5.0 litres and produces 313kW of power and 529Nm of torque. At the same time, Ford has also added a new intake manifold that should make the car breathe easier at low speeds (is there such a thing?) lowering your fuel usage.

There’s also a twist with the Mustang that we’ll be seeing here in Australia. Whilst it seems we won’t see the V6 model, we will be seeing their brand new Mustang EcoBoost engine. It’s four cylinders and turbo charged but pumps out a respectable 227kW of power and 407Nm of torque.

It should be great for budget buyers, and purists will hate it but these are the times in which we live in!

It’s smarter than your average bear pony

2015 Ford Mustang

Ford isn’t skimping on the new Mustang, it looks like it is going all out. There’s ‘Intelligent Access with push-button start’, Ford’s SYNC system and their awesome MyKey program.

The MyKey program will be awesome for when your mates or P plate driver want to go for a spin. It’s a great way for those inexperienced to drive behind the wheel without all of the cars power or speed available to them.

If you love personalising your car, you will be able to use some mobile apps to track performance, and even change the colour of your cars gauges. It’s pretty cool stuff for those who aren’t keen on doing major mods to their car.

You can also customise how you want the car to feel or depending on the type of road you are on. There are several driving modes to choose from to make sure you have the right suspension, throttle response, safety systems, and steering setup.

Which one are you ordering?

2015 Ford Mustang

So by now, you might have decided to just share some excitement about a car we’ve seen on television screens, at the odd car meet and other infrequent times.

Not only there will be two engine choices, but you can choose from a convertible or coupe. So, what will it be?

Find out more about the new Ford Mustang.

This post has been sponsored by Ford.

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  1. BrianDH

    yeah, great car – I’d consider one, seriously though, why’s everyone getting frothy about 313Kws. The Falcon GT makes 335 and soon 351Kws. Why can’t they use this gem of a motor. 313Kws? Call me when it has a real motor, on reflection. Lovely body, shame about the legs.