We know and most love the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ. The price point which delivers the handling and driving satisfaction is hard to beat. As a result the car has been a huge success. At Geneva 2013, Toyota has unveiled the 86 Convertible Concept.

Toyota 86 Convertible Concept

Whilst Toyota hasn’t revealed anything else exciting at Geneva, the convertible concept did attract some attention. Design wise, the car is essentially the same – sans the roof and some minor interior trim finishes.

Toyota 86 Convertible Concept

The ‘less is more’ ethos which Toyota has stuck by with the 86 even with the convertible. Keeping the cost down, the roof is fabric and not a metal roof. The engine remains unchanged with the 2litre boxer engine meaning a 0-100km/h 7.5second time and similar top speed.

Toyota 86 Convertible Concept

Whilst this is just a concept – or as we see a way to test the waters – no pricing has been hinted, though if they can keep it close to the coupe. This might be an open top experience which will be hard to resist.

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