Lamborghini Veneno

It’s that time already when Geneva 2013 is on and Lamborghini Veneno has definitely not hesitated with kicking things off. The Lamborghini Veneno is a racing prototype which doubles as a road-going super sports car which has been created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini.

The name Veneno, for those wondering, comes from a legendary fighting bull (did you expect anything else?). Veneno was the name of one of the fastest bulls in the history of bullfighting. The name became popular in 1914 when the bull fatally wounded the famous torero José Sánchez Rodríguez. So, there you go. If you ever need to defend the Veneno name that’s your ammunition.

Lamborghini Veneno

What powers the Veneno is a 6.5litre V12 which produces 552kW/750hp connected to a 7-speed ISR transmission with a number of driving modes for whatever type of driving the owners themselves doing. There will be only three Veneno’s made and has been priced at 3million Euros – plus tax, and to make things worse for us normal folk is that they’ve already been sold.

Just like the Sesto Elemento from 2010, the Veneno will shoot itself from 0-100km/h in just 2.8seconds and reach a top speed of 355km/h. Lamborghini for the chassis didn’t just do an average job, they have used a racing chassis with pushrod suspension and horizontal spring/damper units. Carbon-fibre certainly isn’t in short supply here with the chassis produced as a CFRP monocoque.

What you’ll notice is that the styling on the outside is pretty outrageous. Almost like some tuning house went a little too extreme. Lamborghini however, say that it all has a function to deliver exceptional dynamics, optimum downforce and perfect cooling of that V12 engine. The front end works just like a large aerodynamic wing with channels to guide air where it is needed. Also in the front the unmistakable Lamborghini headlights are there.

At the rear the Veneno has underbody aerodynamics in mind as well as been optimised for speed cornering stability. Four huge exhaust pipes have been laid out to increase downforce in their own way and lots of things which we’d need multiple articles to explain like the rear wing which is of course adjustable.

Lamborghini Veneno

Finally the alloy wheels are huge, with 20inches at the front and 21inches of wheel at the rear. Of course they have been designed to provide some sort of aerodynamic functionality including a carbon-fibre ring which acts as a turbine to deliver cooling to the carbon-ceramic brake discs.

The car on show at Geneva 2013 is car number 0 which will be kept by Lamborghini and served as Lamborghini’s test vehicle. The only question we have is when will we see the Gallardo replacement?

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