Geneva saw the reveal this week of four concept cars based on its brand new and highly lauded city car, the Volkswagen Up!

The Swiss Up! is the red one and as far as we can tell, the only change on this car is the addition of leather bands on the seat backs, designed specifically to carry one or more of the famous knives to which the car owes its name.

Now, who amongst us can guess which car is the Winter Up!? Its based on the Volkswagen Cross Up! which was shown in concept form at the most recent Frankfurt motor show. It boasts the same extended ride height and under-body protection as the Frankfurt car but is painted in white…..if James Bond were German and needed to hide from villains in the snow, we’d suggest giving VW a call.

Also based on the Cross Up! is the X Up!– the orange one with the neatly integrated lighting system.

Finally and most interestingly is the Cargo Up! which ditches its rear seats and windows in favour of a load space that can reportedly hold 49 cubic feet of whatever you can throw at it up to a weight of 426kg.

We like the Up! and think that VW has really done well. This is a small car that sports a great interior, excellent cargo space, looks good inside and out and when it launches in Q4 this year, will sport a price tag of around $15,000, making it the cheapest way to live the VW lifestyle!



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